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Selling your property can be a very stressful and busy time. We aim to make the whole process as smooth as possible. We work with owners and agents to assess the best course of action to get the highest price for your property, working to a specific budget.

We can help with:.

Street Appeal – painting fences, cleaning paths, re dressing flower beds and washing houses

Creating bright open spaces – cutting back and trimming trees and hedges

Removing shrubbery and rubbish to create space

Creating a well-maintained property – fixing cupboards, guttering and leaking taps to get the property in top condition

Painting – flaky exterior paints can be rectified and once in vogue colours can be replaced to create bright neutral spaces

Rental Properties

A well-maintained property will yield a higher return and is more likely to be cared for by your tenants. Whether new to the rental market or in-between tenants, we can prepare your property to make it rent ready.

We can…..

Tidy sections and remove rubbish.

Keep gutters clear, trim trees and hedges to allow light into properties which will to help eradicate dampness

Weedmat and mulch selective areas to keep maintenance to a minimum

Paint and repair interior and exterior areas

Fix breakages and up date, keeping the property in top rentable condition

Your Home

Is your place looking a little untidy and worn? Jobs that you are not sure what or how to do, or you just don’t have the time? Do you want everything looking good for the summer so you can just sit back and enjoy, or is it time for the yearly clean up? A good house wash, cut back the trees, re stain the deck, re mulch the gardens and waterblast the drive and footpaths, could be just the job, to make you fall back in love with your house. Come home to a fresh bright house every day.

A freshly painted fence, a clean drive, fresh dressed flower beds and a clear bright path, is a great welcome home. Painting the front door, halls and main living room will really freshen up your place, when you walk in, everything just looks bright and clean again. Painting fences and staining decks will really bring alive your entertainment areas, making it an enjoyable space to use again.

Our Services

Fence painting Tree trimming Deck staining
Hedge cutting Mulching Cupboards fixed
Lawn repairs Water blasting drives and footpaths Wall repairs
Fencing House washing One wall and whole room painting
Gutter cleaning Window washing General repairs
Rubbish removal Touch up painting